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Quarantine advice from an unexpected source

When the Dutch national team plays, the Netherlands has 17 million football analysts or national team coaches. During the corona crisis, the Netherlands has 17 million virologists who all know what to do to fight the virus. Even when it comes to quarantine, most people are more than happy to provide their well-intentioned opinion or solution. But those who really know about a long period of social isolation are the experts from Make-A-Wish advice brigade. This team of crisis coaches offers the Netherlands quarantine advice from its own experience.

Like many other occasions, all Wish Journeys have to be postponed due to the corona crisis. This not only means that the kids of Make-A-Wish have to wait longer for their wish fulfilment, but also that the beautiful stories that we usually capture regarding these journeys via Instagram cannot be produced. We did not want to stop communicating and Make-A-Wish also wanted to keep the children involved in everything that is going on.


Online comment

“After seeing this video, life has been put into perspective again.”

That is why we came up with the Advice Brigade in collaboration with our director on the Influwenser project Nina van Oort and Make-A-Wish. In this adorable video, ten children provide their advice based on their own experiences on how to deal with social isolation for a long period of time. A situation that they know better than anyone because of their time in the hospital and afterwards in recovery.

With this video, we ask people to donate especially now so that Make-A-Wish can continue to fulfil wishes when everything is back to normal.

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