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Create a booth that stands out

Since June 2018 we work for for Business to create booths that stand out at the largest business travel conferences in the world. During these conferences, there are hundreds of companies that try everything to attract attention, so our job is to make the for Business stand the most prominent one. has been one of the key players in leisure travel. In order to claim this position in business travel as well, it is important to be present at the largest business travel conferences across the globe in a creative and distinctive manner.

Design sprint

The collaboration with for Business kicked off with a 5-day design sprint, with a team of professionals from different disciplines which was put together for the occasion. During the design sprint, we formulated the requirements the booth had to meet. In any case, the booth must stand out among the other stands, but must also consistently fit within the style of and its proposition.

One of the big advantages of the design sprint was that many ideas were proposed in a short time, which were then immediately tested with the customer and the consumer. This meant that the process was sped up and we could quickly make decisions. Moreover, we could immediately think about the implementation. This meant that the moment we the concept was finished, we could continue with the production straight way.

2018: The Power of Choice

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During the GBTA convention in San Diego the audience reacted very enthusiastically to the stand, which was themed "the power of choice". The "Tower of Babel" character of the design represented the more than 1.9 million different accommodations that offers. The houses stacked on top of the stand continue into eternity. By cleverly navigating the regulations of the location, we have created a stand that looks much higher than it actually is. This is important for the visibility of the stand. To bring the stand to live, the shutters of the houses would open once in a while open to offer space to an opera singer, who filled the room with her voice and managed to keep the people on the stand. That’s what we call stopping power.

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2019 & 2020: Great Business Starts With Where You Stay


After building the stand in London and Chicago it was time to innovate. Our team therefore created a new concept for GBTA Munich and the Business Travel Show in London. The focus is still on the most important USP of, which is their wide range of different types of accommodations. In the world of business travel, this is very unique. Competitors mostly focus on making deals with large hotel chains, but offers the most unique accommodations in the world besides these. For that reason, the concept of the new stand is to show off this variety of accommodations. By having different TV screens and by changing the lighting on the stand, you create the illusion that the booth changes into different accommodations. In this way they show seven different types of accommodations.

From concept to production

We always enjoy to be responsible for both the concept and the production, in collaboration with In this way, we can think from a production perspective about the actual implementation of all ideas and it is a win-win situation for both parties.

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