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Make our platform more tangible for partners

For the third consecutive year, Click. by has become the place where travel entrepreneurs come together to share the latest trends and developments in the travel industry. It also helps the industry to strive towards one common goal: Offering the customer the most optimal and carefree travel experience in every aspect of the journey. From booking your hotel to boarding the airplane and from the car rental service to activities.

2017 & 2018

In 2017, approached us to help them create an inspiring event to increase engagement with their partners. The partners consist of hotel owners who listed their accommodations on A few meetings later Click. was born. A convention consisting of inspiring sessions with one common vision: an industry where the customer can have a seamless travel experience.

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2019: Where travel connects

Click. 2019 focussed on a more practical approach on how to realise this goal of a frictionless customer experience. During this event, visitors received tools to transform the knowledge of the previous years into practicalities to achieve the industry goal of a seamless travel experience.

In order to express this philosophy towards (potential) visitors, we developed a fitting communication concept which carries out this seamless journey. The experience of such a seamless journey from start to finish is called ‘The Connected Trip’ by During their travels, the customers have to deal with multiple aspects. It starts by booking the trip, packing your suitcase, then the journey itself, the transportation type, the arrival at your accommodation and lastly the activities during the stay. The partners of are the pillars that make the trip possible, provides the technology that leads to the connectedness of the different aspects of the trip.

Translation from mission to concept

The trip we put on display has been visualised by travel-related items, which all make a clicking sound. The repeating motions combined with the endless loop emphasise the seamless experience of ‘The Connected Trip’. Visually, these Items are connected through the copper and circuit board structures, which represent the technology of This video was the foundation for the new visual identity introduced in 2019. In addition, a new slogan was introduced to the event Click. by Where travel connects. This seemingly simple slogan has a powerful dual effect. provides a platform for travellers to experience a connected journey, whilst also providing industry peers a place to connect and work towards the future of the seamless journey. Lastly, this concept functioned as the pillar of the physical brand expression during this event. This new visual identity has been implemented in all aspects of the event.

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In collaboration with Click. by Maak created an entire customer journey from online touchpoints to physical encounters between brand and target audience.

Therefore, Click. has become much more than just a two-day event. Each year Click. becomes a bigger stand-alone brand within It is a brand experience which provides inspiring and helpful content to her partners throughout the whole year. Our role did not limit itself to the event production, but together with we mapped out every step the visitors will take from start-to-finish in order to realise this seamless experience prides itself for.

Photos taken by Bart van Rooy

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