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Make voting a priority during the elections

The younger generation is the future and essential for a progressive and fair democracy in the Netherlands. This is why FunX came to us with the following question: 'How can we inspire and encourage our audience to vote?'

FunX is a platform that focuses on radio and online content within the urban scene. Their audience is predominantly urban youth with a multicultural background. This also happens to be the same demographic that lacks involvement with national politics. Why is that?

The majority of the youth does not vote because they perceive a gap between them and politics. They feel as if voting is pointless. On the other hand, if you look at current political movements (like Black Lives Matter) you see that there is a big desire to be heard and make an impact on the public and political agenda. FunX wants to bridge this gap and motivate more people to vote.

The NPO elections team, that consists of FunX, BNNVARA and 3FM, came up with the concept #zetjestemnietopmute (#dontmuteyourvoice). Our task was to provide FunX with content that relates to their audience.


Content Series

For our content series we invited artists, FunX audience members and politicians to react to various topics and issues that are relatable to the FunX audience. We shine light on these topics in true FunX fashion. Presenter Ouassima visited artists to discuss specific lyrics about topics like slavery and job opportunities. Radio DJ Fernando interviewed audience members about housing shortage and not feeling safe outside. And the familiar faces of FunX, Shaquille and YousToub, shine in short skits about painful situations such as institutional racism and debt.

We didn't select these politicians at random. They are all able to offer new perspectives that relate to the experiences of the audience like racism, being queer, being dependent on surcharges, the list goes on. This way we show them that representation in politics is possible and not all politicians are uptight wearing fancy suits and using big words.

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Photoshoot Timeline takeover

Additionally to the content series, we photographed over 100 different people. People from FunX, creators and artists who all think it's important to speak out about political issues and why voting is necessary. They shared their own reason to vote by writing a statement on the photo in bold black text. The fisheye effect and quote represent filling in your vote on the ballot. This timeline takeover took place during the last two days before the elections. One last push to encourage everyone to vote.



''It was inspiring how everyone collaborated enthusiastically to take control over their own future.''

In the end, 80% of the youth voted in the elections compared to only 67% in 2017. We are not saying it's all because of us, but we did have the pleasure of contributing to the cause. How cool is that?