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Make our staff proud at 5 years of Picnic!

The most innovative and fastest growing on demand supermarket Picnic celebrated its fifth anniversary on the 30th of September '20. To celebrate, they gave away great prizes among the staff; from custom Nike's and parachute jumps to all-inclusive holidays.

How do you celebrate your company’s success with your staff in 2020? And how can you make sure you and your entire staff is with you every step of the way? Maak created, in close co-operation with Picnic, 5 internal video’s for this purpose. Through these videos, the staff were challenged to take part in the challenges with which these great prizes could be won. In addition to starring roles for the real Picnic staff in these videos, none other than Ta Joela and Tante Toof took care of the presentation, Veras Fawaz did the directing and we had Tristan Albers as DoP.

Because these are internal videos, we cannot show them in their entirety. But we can share a glimpse of the best scenes!

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