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Verandering is van alle tijden...

Maar nooit eerder volgden veranderingen elkaar sneller op dan nu. Omar neemt je mee in zijn bevindingen en filosofie├źn over deze ontwikkelingen. Soms met en soms zonder gasten. Verwacht tijdens het luisteren niet altijd op waarheid gebaseerde marketing modules, maar hersenspinsels, trend observaties en bovenal parallellen die in eerste instantie je voorhoofd doen fronsen. Maar waarvan later, waarschijnlijk onder de douche, het kwartje voor je valt.

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Conversations with interesting individuals about the crisis, entrepreneurship and more

Those who say quarantine at home, say video calls. And any self-respecting agency that says video calls, says content. We will share insights from the conversations that our creative director Omar Kbiri had with various entrepreneurs, free thinkers and other interesting individuals. They discussed the impact of the corona crisis and how they are adapting to it.

How do entrepreneurs deal with this crisis and what are their options? How do you deal with this crisis as an artist and what are the opportunities? How do you keep your head above water? And what is the role of online platforms in times like these? But also; will there be influencers, similar to restaurants and companies, who will have to end their business?

Omar spoke with Jeroen Koopmans, founder of Newbe, an Amsterdam production house that works with talent and focuses on innovative formats for all (online) platforms. They talked about the changing situation in the production of content and whether cinemas still have a right to exist after the corona period. But also with Colin Benders, formerly known as Kyteman, who now mainly makes music with his modular synthesizers. He explains how he is building a community on Discord, an online communication platform designed to create and maintain communities. He also spoke with Raoul de Graaf, better known as FC Roelie. A YouTuber who mainly profiles himself around the football game FIFA and together with his friends forms the collective the Bankzitters. They talk about the impact of the crisis on YouTubers and other influencers. He says he has everything sorted for himself, mainly due to the right guidance, but fears that there are colleagues who will find themselves into trouble because of their spending pattern. He even fears that some may have to stop.

Below you will find some of the topics that have been discussed. You can find all episodes on our LinkedIn page.

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